September 23rd: study group (corrigibility overview)
September 30th: study group (corrigibility overview)
Somewhere in between: lecture meeting (corrigibility)
October 7th: study group (corrigibility assignments)
October 14th: study group (subject X overview)
October 21st: study group (subject X overview)
Somewhere in between: lecture meeting (subject X)
October 28th: study group (subject X assignments)

Also somewhere during October: course design discussion meetup

All but the lecture meetings will be perfectly accessible through google hangouts, for those that don’t happen to live in the Netherlands.

If all goes perfectly well with corrigibility, we have to choose a subject X!
If not, subject X will be corrigibility (we want to get it exactly right before we do everything else)

You’ll find it all in the events tab soon.

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