Last Saturday was the first study group. Thanks to all who joined for a strong study session!

Some conclusions so far:

– Most participants didn’t finish their summaries yet. We will continue summarizing the next session. Those who have finished their summaries can then start with creating mind maps.
– Some people want to work on their summaries in between the study sessions, which is great. If you can’t join the study sessions, but you want to help out by summarizing a resource in your own time, you are very welcome to do so. Send me a pm, and I’ll assign you to one of the articles.
– It can be time-consuming to go through all the math in the articles. Sometimes this is necessary for understanding the topic, but sometimes the theorems are accompanied with intuitive explanations. In this case, we may scan through the math and only focus on the intuitive explanations first, as this is sufficient to create the course structure. Once we have decided to include an article in the course, we will study it more thoroughly.

Next study session is on Saturday. Hope to see you there!

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