Lots of news, and a call for volunteers!

– I have fully recovered from my personal issue, and will be putting in the same amount of work into this project as I was before. Thank you VeerleJohannesRemmelt and Mati for supporting the project while I was away.

– Remmelt is one organiser of EA Netherlands who joined our management team for a highly effective 5 hours per week. His focus and reliability remind me of a soldier, and I’m glad he will be drilling our meetings. Welcome, Sergeant!

– This week, I visited Robert to help set up his studio in his new home in London. I guess I can say it was a pretty effective trip. We set out to build a lightboard, and we managed to build the whole thing from scratch in 3 days. I’ll add pictures in a separate post

– In the meantime, the study group has been progressing steadily. Now it has delivered a series of neat scripts, we are ready to start filming. If all goes well, the first production-quality lecture bits should be published end January (planning fallacy accounted for).

– That study group is the very kernel of this project, and it’s always short on people. We strongly need people both with and without prerequisite knowledge in math/CS/ML. If you’re interested in learning AIS while making an impact at the same time, this is the perfect opportunity! please contact us or sign up for the events.

– In the meantime, MatiArran and I are putting in an effort to host the FreeCodeCamp code base and accomodate it to our needs. We’re making progress, but lacking expertise. If you have above-average system administration and/or frontend programming experience, you will have a comparative advantage here, and a good opportunity for impact! Please contact me if you’d like to help out.

Happy holidays,

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