Road to AI Safety Excellence (RAISE) is a non-profit organisation found in 2017. Its mission is to improve the pipeline for AI safety researchers, especially by creating an online course.

Our mission

To ensure that the creation of smarter-than-human artificial intelligence will have a positive impact, the world is in dire need of AI safety experts. But the path to becoming a capable researcher is complex and poorly defined. So far, few published papers have been compiled into a pedagogically-sound learning format – one that would enable aspirants to level up fast. That’s why we are building RAISE. Our mission is to unlock the capacity of aspiring AI safety researchers by creating an online course with high-quality content that’s clear, distilled, community-centred, and open to everyone.

Our values

  • Accessibility through material that is freely available online.
  • Accountability for our work, continually reporting progress and processing feedback to ensure well-tailored material.
  • Commitment to excellence to bring material that is accurate, clear-cut, relevant and in-depth.
  • Teamwork within our organisation, with our partners, and with the wider community.

Target audience

Our target audience for RAISE are those who:

    • Already deem AI-alignment an important problem.
    • Consider contributing to the field, potentially as researchers.
    • Find it comparatively difficult to learn about AI safety by themselves considering
      how broad and ill-defined the field is.


The course will cover the following broad categories (though this may be subject to change):

      • Agent foundations
      • Machine learning safety
      • AI macrostrategy

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