Want to join the team for the next camp in Prague? Feel free to post skills you can contribute in our group.

Tom McGrath

Tom is a maths PhD student in the Systems and Signals group at Imperial College, where he works on statistical models of animal behaviour and physical models of inference. He will be interning at the Future of Humanity Institute from Jan 2018, working with Owain Evans. His previous organisational experience includes co-running Imperial’s Maths Helpdesk and running a postgraduate deep learning study group.

Remmelt Ellen

Remmelt is the Project Manager of Effective Altruism Netherlands, where he coordinates national events, works with organisers of new meetups and takes care of mundane admin work. He also oversees planning for the team at RAISE, an online AI Safety course. In his spare time, he’s exploring how to improve the interactions within multi-layered networks of agents to reach shared goals – especially approaches to collaboration within the EA community and the representation of persons and interest groups by negotiation agents in sub-exponential takeoff scenarios.

Linda Linsefors

Linda has a PhD in theoretical physics, which she obtained at Université Grenoble Alpes for work on loop quantum gravity. Since then she has studied AI and AI Safety online for about a year. Linda hopes to be able to work full time on AI Safety in the near future.


Nandi Schoots

Nandi did a research master in pure mathematics and a minor in psychology at Leiden University. Her master was focused on algebraic geometry and her thesis was in category theory. Since graduating she has been steering her career in the direction of AI safety. She is currently employed as a data scientist in the Netherlands. In parallel to her work she is part of a study group on AI safety and involved with the reinforcement learning section of RAISE.

David Kristoffersson

David has a background as R&D Project Manager at Ericsson where he led a project of 30 experienced software engineers developing many-core software development tools. He liaised with five internal stakeholder organisations, worked out strategy, made high-level technical decisions and coordinated a disparate set of subprojects spread over seven cities on two different continents. He has a further background as a Software Engineer and has a BS in Computer Engineering. In the past year, he has contracted for the Future of Humanity Institute, and has explored research projects in ML and AI strategy with FHI researchers.

Maia Pasek

Maia has unfortunately passed away.

After graduating from mathematics and theoretical computer science, Maia ended up touring the world in search of meaning and self-improvement, and finally settled on working as a freelance researcher focused on AI alignment. Currently, she is running a rationalist shared housing project on the tropical island of Gran Canaria and continuing to look for ways to gradually self-modify in the direction of a superhuman FDT-consequentialist.

Karol Kubicki

Karol has a master’s degree in Mathematics and for past 4 years has been working as a data scientist in a Polish news media company where he has done tons of data processing and some online news recommendation algorithms. Last year, he decided to switch to AI safety research. He is currently working three days a week and learning other three days (RL at the moment).


Anne Wissemann
Dedicated to trying to actually try to solve the world. She has worked as Operations Manager at the Effective Altruism Foundation and volunteered in operations extensively, mostly at events. CFAR mentor and occasional volunteer since 2014. Recently, she has started venturing into coaching, focusing on disentangling tricky problems and delivering just the right advice with warmth and friendliness.