About Us

Organizers of the AI Safety Camp are volunteers and mainly past participants. Contact current organizers at contact@aisafety.camp or schedule a one-on-one phone call. The call doesn’t have to be as long as the scheduling site indicates. If you have a five-minute question, we’re happy to get on a call for only five minutes.

Current edition

#5. Virtual edition

Remmelt Ellen  (Coordination)
Remmelt coordinates the program. He helped launch the first camp. He also 
co-founded Effective Altruism Netherlands. He likes supporting groups to refine decisions and resolve our bottlenecks towards doing more good! (schedule call)

Rebecca Baron  (Facilitation)
Rebecca is new to the AISC team this year. She facilitates participants’ experience at the camp and keeps our budget in check. She helped organize the Effective Altruism Global x Boston conference in 2018 and 2019. She studies economics and international relations at Tufts University.

Richard Möhn  (Applications)
Richard leads our application phase. He was admitted to AISC4, but had to drop out before the research phase began. He now works for Spark Wave as a software engineer. He thinks he knows something about application procedures because he listened to a lot of Manager Tools. (schedule call)

Max Chiswick  (Topics & Teams)
Max leads our topic & team selection phase. He participated in AISC4, where his team researched the topic of generalisation in reinforcement learning. He is about to start his PhD in AI. (schedule call)

Nicholas Goldowsky-Dill  (Team Mentorship)
Nicholas leads our mentorship and team support. He participated in AISC3 and helped organize AISC4. He recently graduated from Cornell with a degree in Mathematics. He helps with organizing effective altruism student groups at both Cornell and Oxford University. (schedule call)

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Previous editions

#4. Virtual pivot from Toronto (May 2020)
  • Colin Bested (Main coordination)
  • Cynthia Yoon (Program, Funding)
  • JJ Hepburn (Applications, Topic & Team deliberations)
  • Nix Goldowsky-Dill (Team mentorship)
  • Sebastian Kosch (Participant communications)
  • Andrew Player (Logistics)
  • Remmelt (Virtual pivot)
  • Also thanks to Haoji Xu, Eric Langlois, Ti Guo, Atticus X. Yang, Noam Ascher, and Ronak Mehta
    → See research summaries.
AI Safety Research Program UK/CZ (November 2019)
#3. Madrid (May 2019)
  • Remmelt Ellen (Main coordination)
  • Sabrina Kavanagh (Applications)
  • David Lindner (Topic coordination)
  • Fabian Steuer (Topic coordination)
  • Kristina Nemcova (Participant coordination)
  • Brandon Perry (Program coordination)
  • Tomáš Gavenčiak (Supervisor communication, Coaching)
  • Johannes Heidecke (Funding, Advisor)
    → See research summaries.
#2. Prague (October 2018)
  • Johannes Heidecke (Main coordination)
  • Jan Kulveit (Topic coordination, Johannes’s deputy)
  • Anne Wissemann (Participant coordination)
  • Jiří Nadvorník (Program coordination)
  • Kristina Nemcova (Logistics)
  • Jessica Cooper (Advisor communication)
  • Remmelt Ellen (Advisor)
    → See research summaries.
#1. Gran Canaria (April 2018)
  • Linda Linsefors (initiator of the program)
  • Remmelt Ellen (meetings, logistics)
  • Nandi Schoots (interviews, program design)
  • Markus Salmela (interviews assistance)
  • Tom McGrath (team preparation)
  • David Kristoffersson (international connector)
  • Maia Pasek (location initiator)
  • Karol Kubicki (venue logistics)
  • Anne Wissemann (on-the-ground operations)
    → See research summaries.
    → See our review of the pilot.