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AISC8: Research Summaries

Uncertainty -> Soft Optimization Research lead: Jeremy Gillen Team Participants’ names: Benjamin Kolb, Simon Fischer, Juan Azcarreta Ortiz, Danilo Naiff, Cecilia Wood Short write-up: For AISC 2023, our team looked into the theoretical foundations for soft optimization. Our goal at the beginning was to investigate variations of the original quantilizer algorithm, in particular by following …

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AISC5: Research Summaries

Modularity Loss Function Team members:  Logan Smith, Viktor Rehnberg, Vlado Baca, Philip Blagoveschensky, Viktor PetukhovExternal collaborators:  Gurkenglas Making neural networks (NNs) more modular may improve their interpretability. If we cluster neurons or weights together according to their different functions, we can analyze each cluster individually. Once we better understand the clusters that make up a …

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