AI Safety Camp connects you with interesting collaborators worldwide to discuss and decide on a concrete research proposal, prepare online as a team, and try your hand at AI safety research during a 9-day intensive retreat.

AI Safety Camps are volunteer-run and fully funded by the Center for Effective Altruism’s Long Term Future Fund.

For in-depth information about the camp, see the blog post describing the first camp. If you would like to support the camp financially, please see here for relevant information.

Upcoming camps:

We are currently planning the next editions of AI Safety Camp for 2021. Please sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when applications open up!

Past camps:

AI Safety Virtual Camp
May 2020
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AI Safety Research Program, UK/Czech Republic
Nov 2019, Feb 2020
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AI Safety Camp Avila, Spain
May 2019
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AI Safety Camp Prague, Czech Republic
October 2018
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AI Safety Camp Gran Canaria, Spain
April 2018
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