AISC3: Research Summaries

The third AI Safety Camp took place in April 2019 in Madrid. Our teams have worked on exciting projects which are summarized below:

Categorizing Wireheading in Partially Embedded Agents:

Team: Embedded agents –  Arushi, Davide, Sayan
We Presented our work at AI Safety Workshop in IJCAI 2019
Read our paper here:

AI Safety Debate and Its Applications:

Team: Debate – Vojta Kovarik, Anna Gajdova, David Lindner, Lukas Finnveden, Rajashree Agrawal

Read our blog post here: also see:

Regularization and visualization of attention in reinforcement learning agents

Team: Dmitry Nikulin, Sebastian Kosch, Fabian Steuer, Hoagy Cunningham

Read our research report here:

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